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I believe in curiosity, I’m a living rollercoaster of emotions

“Reasons” Mimi Webb

© 2015

“No Roots” — Alice Merton

I’ve built…

© 2021 — Wijk aan Zee skate ride

“Good without” — Mimi Webb

2021 © S. Trip

“Easy Life” Roman Müller, Gina Livia

© 2020

“Los Tontos” — C.Tangana

© 2021 | S. Trip

“Go solo” — Zwette, Tom Rosenthal

Sanpoort Noord © Author

“Desperté” — Javypablo

Me desperté en un mundo muy feo

Donde el honor se compra con dinero…

Dónde dar las gracias…

New flowers © by author

“Good stuff” — Griff

Ijburg beach © by author

“Older” — Sasha Sloan, part 2

“Older” — Sasha Sloan


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